Matsu represents a journey through time, through several generations dedicated to life on the land. Youth, maturity and old age. Four wines originating in the D.O. Toro needing more than one hundred years for their elaboration with the grape from centenary vineyards, the wisdom inherited from generations of winemakers who continue to grow the vines in an artisan way using the most ancestral techniques.

El Pícaro, El Recio, El Viejo and La Jefa personify the essence of Matsu, their individual relationship with the land in accordance with their age and their life stage. They are the tribute to hundreds of men and women who have dedicated their lives to the vineyard in this region. The result is four modern and sophisticated wines, capable of displaying soft, discreet elegance without losing the power that characterizes Toro wines.


The strength, the sassiness and the courage of youth.


Varieties: 100% Tinta de Toro.

Vineyard: Selection of Tinta de Toro vineyards settled in sandy soils with high granitic stony component. and cultivated naturally.

Aging: Two months of aging on its lees in concrete tank.

Alcohol Content: 14,5% Vol.


Colour: Purplish color with a great depth, denoting its youth.

Nose: Aromas of fruits, jelly beans, blackberry jam stand out, very well nuanced with a touch of licorice, which gives it a spicy character and complexity.

Palate: Intense and powerful mouth, with a very pleasant entry thanks to its sweet character.


Perfect balance between youth and maturity.


Varieties: 100% Tinta de Toro

Vineyard: Selection of 90 years old Tinta de Toro vineyards with limited production settled in sandy soils with high granitic stony component. and cultivated naturally.

Aging: 14 months in second use French and Eastern European oak barrels.

Alcohol Content: 14,5% Vol.


Colour: Ruby Red color.

Nose: Tertiary aromas from the barrel, with notes of vanilla, pastries, cocoa and coconut. At the same time, it maintains freshness as fruit notes also dominate, especially red fruits and strawberry tones

Palate: Very balanced mouth, and full of complexity. Pleasant entry and very good tannic structure, with silky, velvety tannins: This combined with very good acidity gives it length.


The extreme complexity that only centenary vineyards provide.


Varieties: 100% Tinta de Toro.

Vineyard: Selection of the best grapes, that come from very old vineyards of extremely limited production, more than 100 years old and cultivated naturally. Sandy soils with high granitic stony component.

Aging: 16 months in new French oak barrels.

Alcohol Content: 15% Vol.


Colour: Deep cherry red color, intense depth, with violet notes on the edge.

Nose: Complexity taken to the extreme, with medium intensity but enormously rich in nuances. Denotes an elegant compendium of aromas of ripe black fruits, accompanied by creamier and sweeter nuances of the barrel, and some spicy final notes.

Palate: Very pleasant, its smooth fullness and voluptuousness are noteworthy on the palate. It is also very complex in the mouth, denoting excellent ripening and low yielding grapes from old vineyards.


The charisma of a daring surprise.


Varieties: Malvasía and other varieties.

Vineyard: There are very few plots where the white grape predominates in the DO Toro, that is why La Jefa comes from a selection of a multitude white vines that are found alternately in old red grape vineyards (from 50 to 150 years old). The vines settle on sandy soils with a high granite stony component and are cultivated naturally as the tradition of Toro says.

Aging: 14 months in new 600 l French oak “bocoyes” (big barrels), lightly toasted.

Alcohol Content: 13% Vol.


Colour: Straw yellow color, medium intensity, very bright, gray overtones.

Nose: Highly complex, notes of vanilla and ripe stone fruits stand out, accompanied by creamy notes. It is complemented with slight aniseed nuances, to reflect a nose harmonized by its aging in casks, sweet character and with a great diversity of nuances.

Palate: A mouth-filling, silky wine, great creaminess and very pleasant. But at the same time with good acidity, resulting in a very balanced and elegant wine. Very pleasant on the palate, where sweet nuances and fine texture stand out, increasing its complexity and richness.