Although the Designation of Origin Toro is relatively recent -the final designation was obtained in 1987, the wine-producing tradition in the area goes back to before the Roman age, and it still continues centuries later. As explained by the Regulatory Council, the wines from Toro participated in the discovery of America because of “their capacity to preserve the high alcohol content throughout the crossing.”

The designation is located in the southeast of the province of Zamora and it covers municipalities of Zamora and some from the province of Valladolid.

Toro is an area with very favourable conditions for obtaining an excellent quality grape. The climate in this area is a continental climate with an Atlantic influence. It is dry, with many hours of sun, and very cold in winter. It is an area that experiences extreme temperature changes, reaching 11 degrees below zero in winter and 37 degrees in summer. There is also a considerable temperature contrast between night and day, which favours an optimum maturation of the grape. In addition, the annual rainfall is very low, so the risk of diseases appearing is also very low and therefore grapes grow in a perfectly healthy state.