Raul Acha belongs to the current generation of a family that has been linked to the world of wine for over two centuries. Raul was born in Cardenas (La Rioja), where he has lived surrounded by vineyards since his childhood. He defines himself as a winegrower, and in his philosophy, as in his ancestors’, he defends the vineyard as the main source of quality for wine.

He has been the Technical Director of Vintae for over ten years, where he has mostly spent his entire career and where he has started several projects in nine different designations of origin of Spain. This is why he covers thousands of kilometres every year: from Rioja to Priorat, Calatayud to Toro, Ribera del Queiles to Ribera del Duero. He is always looking for the best vineyards when travelling, with the aim of giving expression to his full potential in singular and high quality projects, in wines that reflect the personality of each area.

An Agronomist and Oenologist, Raul Acha is part of the Viticulture and Oenology Group ‘Vitur’ of the University of La Rioja, has been a teacher of the Viticulture and Oenology Master carried out in Laguardia and collaborates in wine-growing magazines.