Bela Adler and Salvador Fresneda, the authors of the photographs that dress up Matsu’s bottles, were those in charge of graphically capturing the essence of Matsu. For them, Matsu was a unique opportunity to be involved in a different type of project, of coming closer to the area and its people, something that was completely different from the world of multinationals they were so used to. They had been working half way between Barcelona and New York for fashion brands such as Loewe, Burberry and Levi’s, for magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire, and they had designed campaigns for Nike, BMW JB and Ericsson.

Guided by the Vintae Team, they decided to look towards people that had devoted their entire life to the field. The faces of three winegrowers from three different generations would become the focus point of this collection’s labels. They did not look for models, but people that devote their time to the field. The three generations of winegrowers represent different stages, each and one of them featuring a relationship with the land in accordance with its age and vital stage. Each of these generations’ personality embodies the characteristics of the wine to which it gives its name.

So, ‘El Pícaro’ is strong and brave, cheeky and uncontrollable. ‘El Recio’ brings together the power of youth and the experience of age to express serenity, perseverance and strength; and ‘El Viejo’ is completeness and wisdom.