A philosophy of respect for natural processes is followed when taking care of the vine and making the wine in the bodega, and external intervention is kept to a minimum.

Harvesting is carried out manually with a careful selection of grapes and always picked at the optimum moment of maturity. The grapes were harvested in boxes and in small trailers, which were then quickly taken to the winery.

The fermentation of wines comprising the Matsu collection is carried out in 15,000-kilogram concrete deposits whose temperature is controlled so they do not exceed 24 degrees, which is an essential factor in order to preserve the grape and the freshness that is so typical of these wines.

The malolactic fermentation is realized in French oak barrels, as well as its ageing. This entire process is carried out in the space that Vintae has rented within the premises of the Covitoro co-op. In no case do Matsu wines undergo any aggressive filtering or clarification processes.